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When it comes to entertainment, we seek to create an environment that is fun, friendly, respectable and inclusive for all participants involved.



Please note that we will not overlook or tolerate any demeaning or harassing behavior, images, messages, or interactions by any participant, in any aspect or form of the program, including social and business activities, no matter the location.


We also do not tolerate behavior that disapproves or disregards religion, race, gender or disability or any other kind of behavior that violates our company’s Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy, Standards of Business Conduct or Equal Employment Opportunity Policy. To be frank, your behavior must meet up with our culture standards.


We ask each and every one of our participants to create a welcoming and safe enviroment. If you experience any harassing behavior, concerns, disruptive or suspicious activity, please report the incident and we will assist you immediately.

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