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Custom .NET Programming

If you’re looking for something to make desktop and web application engineering less complicated, you’d be doing yourself a huge favor vying for Microsoft’s .NET Framework. It is a popular software that enables software developers, analysts and architectures to use the programs flexible and scalable features to ease up the application development process as well as deliver integrated solutions with extraordinary levels of productivity.


The .NET Framework is most suitable for businesses that desire numerous features such as desktop software, web-based features and cloud infrastructure support.

.NET Development Platform

The .NET framework comes in three parts: Framework, Core and Xamarin. When combined, they make up the entire .NET development platform. Each one of them comprises of frameworks and libraries with which users can build a vast number of applications.


The .NET framework presents a plethora of advantages to add developers, including:

  1. Easy-to-use: Now non-coding individuals can build large applications as well as perform various common tasks, like simple form submission, client authentication, deployment and site configuration.

  2. Faster application executions: Because .Net is based on server side scripting technology, the code gets processed on the windows server before being displayed on the web browser. This enables users to execute applications faster than interpreted scripts.

  3. Secure and safe: The applications are quite safe and secure to use because the platform has a built-in Windows authentication feature and per-application configuration.

  4. Easy to maintain and write: The HTML and source code makes it easier for users to maintain and write pages. And the source is executed on the server, giving web pages a lot of power and flexibility.

  5. Quick updates: Updates of deployed web applications happen on the fly, sparing the need to restart the server.

  6. Better performance: The platform takes advantage of just-in-time compilation, early binding, caching services and native optimization right away, proving better performances as a result.

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