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ERP implementation: Developing a plan, budget, and training program

Implementing ERP requires careful planning, resources, and budgeting. Regardless of whether you are a new or frequent ERP user, ERP implementation still requires intensive effort.

We will guide you through the ERP implementation process in this article

What is ERP implementation?

ERP implementation includes a number of key steps such as gathering business requirements, choosing suitable software, selecting a deployment method, transferring data, training users, and providing maintenance support. Depending on each organization's requirements, ERP may be implemented for a variety of reasons. The requirements may include tasks automation, reducing labor work, improving customer service, and improving the entire business operation.

Chances of failure

To understand why ERP systems fail, let's look at common causes.

  • Spending over budget

  • Not having a compatible team

  • Unrealistic expectations

  • Lack of a practical plan

  • Lack of user training

The implementation of ERP can be hampered by a number of mistakes. However, let's focus on how to prevent these mistakes from occurring. We advise you to:

  • Value your time and investment

  • Value the end users

  • Gather the requirements carefully

  • Invest your time in planning

  • Stick to the management plan

  • Trust your team

Select the software

The very first step in ERP implementation is choosing suitable software. In addition to selecting the software, you need to gather requirements for both the software's functional and non-functional requirements. You may choose between a cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid deployment method according to the requirements of your business.

Selecting your team and creating a plan

Following the selection of software, project management must be done. Developing a plan requires a lot of work from the implementation team. The following are some organizational roles that can make a well-rounded team.

  • The project manager

  • The sponsor

  • End-users

  • IT and the finance department

  • All the project stakeholders

Once the team has been assembled, it is time to develop a change management plan. A change management plan will include steps such as data migration, testing, end-user training, and ROI calculations. Additionally, the plan should describe how communication will be handled throughout the implementation of the ERP system.


The most significant question in ERP implementation is how much it will cost. Budgets for the entire implementation process can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

However, unforeseen costs and maintenance issues may cause the ERP system implementation to exceed the budget. Nuage Concepts provides you with the most effective budget planning for the entire implementation of your system.

Data migration

Once the budget has been settled, the next step is to consider data migration. This is also the time to put the ERP implementation plan into action. Migration of data requires careful consideration. There may be serious consequences later on if a small mistake is made at this step. Nevertheless, with a proper ERP implementation plan in place, data migration shouldn't be an issue.


The right time to start training end-users is now if you have not already done so. If users cannot be adequately trained on how to use the system, the entire project and all of your work will be wasted. A poor training program leads to delayed failures that gradually worsen over time, with users never fully understanding the system.

There were a variety of courses available for the training program. Most of the software vendors provide training programs, including recorded classes or webinars. In the long run, training programs will be beneficial, even if they are a separate expense.

Testing and deployment

You're finally ready for the launch of your brand-new ERP system; it's the day you've been waiting for!

Before and after the launch, system testing is imperative. You must also be ready for system downtime. It is important to remember that while the deployment and testing process is ongoing, you will not have any working software. A phased approach to deploying the system is recommended instead of implementing it all at once.

It is not easy to implement an ERP system if you do not have a solid plan in place. Get started working with Nuage Concepts today call +1 818 388 2778 and find the most reliable ERP implementation solutions. We can help you gather requirements and assist with deploying the system.


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