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Top 4 CRM challenges and how to overcome them

The process of adopting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has its challenges. Discover the top 4 most common challenges and how to overcome them.

An organization's customer relationships and interactions can be managed through Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In more than 90% of modern organizations, this tool is used to improve customer relationships.

There are, however, challenges associated with CRM adoption that need to be addressed properly. Here, we provide information and insights into CRM adoption challenges, along with recommendations for how to deal with them.

The Challenges:

1. A lack of user focus

Typically, businesses design CRMs based on the preferences of their sales managers, since these managers are the ones who make the decisions regarding CRMs within their organizations. Despite this, sales managers are often unable to fully utilize the software to its full potential if other key team members and departments are neglected.

Identifying the full scope of CRM requires time and effort on the part of the organization. In the absence of user understanding, CRM may be doomed to failure.

2. CRM is not taken as the top priority

The transition to a fully integrated system must be implemented and prioritized from the top down. Getting team members to accept updated practices and tools can be challenging since they are familiar with and confident in the old ones. While transferring takes time, employees should be given a deadline by which they can consider and begin using CRM. In order for a CRM implementation to be effective, onboarding everyone by a specific date must be a priority.

3. Lack of employee training

In order for CRM to be successfully implemented, employees must be trained before the system is launched. An organization must arrange proper training before launching CRM to ensure that its employees understand it. The training should give them an overview of CRM's primary features and instruct them on how to interact with the software.

4. Lack of updates

Upon launching the CRM product, the company is faced with the challenge of not providing ongoing support or updates. Typically, CRM providers release software updates and features at regular intervals. In the absence of regular updates, the system becomes prone to glitches and vulnerabilities.

The Solutions:

Although CRM implementation may present a few challenges for a company, here are the most effective ways to overcome them.

1. Engage employees right from the start

In order for CRM adoption to be successful, employees need to understand CRM functionality. Hence, encouraging employees or involving them in the implementation process makes it easier for them to learn new features. Furthermore, when employees feel valued from the start of launching a new system, they are more likely to use it properly and promote its advantages, rather than being forced to adopt it.

2. Hire a CRM project manager

When implementing a CRM, hiring a new project manager or selecting someone internally to serve as a project manager is crucial. This individual should have knowledge of the product, the ability to supervise training sessions, be able to respond to inquiries, and handle onboarding.

3. Employees Training

It is important to conduct training sessions for employees because it increases their productivity and understanding of CRM. In addition to ensuring that employees understand the system, training ensures that employees feel comfortable asking for assistance.

4. Get a user-friendly CRM

CRMs should provide a seamless and user-friendly experience. Employees can access all the relevant information without a hassle using an intuitive CRM system. Flexibility in CRM use also improves employee productivity and customer relations.

Nuage Concepts makes CRM adoption hassle-free for businesses. Through our seamless integration processes and understanding of modern CRM tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Salesforce, we ensure a successful CRM implementation for your business. Contact us or Call 818 388 2778 for more info.


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