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SQL Server Integration Services

Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Services simplifies and performs a broad set of data migration tasks as well as build enterprise-level data integration and data transformations solutions. Not only that, but you can also use Integration Services to solve a multiplex of problems by loading data warehouses, copying or downloading files, cleansing, and mining data and managing SQL Server data and objects.


Furthermore, SSIS also enables you to extract, transform and consolidate data from various relational databases and other sources like XML data files and flat files and afterward load all of that information into an enterprise data warehouse or any other target system.


And the best part is that the graphical Integration Services tools are perfect for those who lack any prior coding knowledge or experience in helping them create solutions. In addition, you can use the extensive Integration Services object model to create packages, code custom tasks as well as other package objects.


  • SSIS grants transformation functionality.

  • SSIS consumes data that is hard such as HTTP, FTP, MSMQ and Analysis services among others.

  • SSIS handles data from various sources at the same package.

  • Easy to maintain and package configuration.

  • Remove network which is usually a gridlock for insertion of data.

  • Data can be loaded in parallel to a number of different destinations.

  • Integrated tightly with SQL Server and Microsoft Visual Studio.

  • Load data faster because of using SQL Server Destination instead of OLE DB.

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